The Rivers State Government through the Ministry of Health and Malaria Control Unit of the Department of Public Health has taken the “bull by the horn” in the fight against malaria by using various interventions such as Malaria Control Booster Project funded by World Bank which involves distribution of Long Lasting Insecticides Treated nets (LLINs), Provision of SP for pregnant women and provision of ACTs after diagnosis and Management of physical environment. In April 2004, these efforts culminated in the launching of Roll Back Malaria (RBM)- a control strategy that seeks to establish a social movement in which all partners (local communities, public and private sectors, all tiers of government and NGOs) and network can implement malaria control interventions in the context of the health sector reforms of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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My experience with the Primary Health Center in Obuama is one of the best yet for me. Keep up the good work.