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Permanent Secretary


Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Health, Rivers State.

The Office of the Permanent Secretary

The  Permanent  Secretary  is  the  Accounting Officer of the Ministry of Health. She oversees the day to day activities of the Ministry with the directors.


Rivers  State  Ministry  of  Health  is  statutory responsible for driving the Health care policy of the Government of Rivers State, specially, in the provision of an effective and qualitative Health care delivery system in the state.

The  activities  of  Ministry  of  Health  covers Primary,  Secondary  and  Tertiary  Health Services.    The  Local  Government  councils have the responsibility for providing primary health care services.  This is achieved through 342  Primary  health  care  facilities,  21 functional  Secondary  facilities  and  4 Tertiary/Specialist facilities located in the 23 Local Government Area of the State.

The above functions of the State Ministry of Health  are  performed  by  its  eight  (8) departments and agencies/boards.

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