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Vision Statement

Our Vision

The Vision is to guarantee a healthy and productive State.

Our Mission

To ensure that the Rivers populace have universal access to comprehensive, appropriate, affordable, efficient, equitable, and quality essential package of health care through a  strengthened health system.

Our Core Values

 Accountability,  Transparency,  Teamwork and  Equity-driven.

Functions of the Ministry

  • Provide leadership and strategic direction in the State health sector

  • Formulate Health Policies, Plans and Programmes.

  • Advise Government on Health Matters.

  • Implement National Health Programmes.

  • Development, curation, domestication & enforcement of health legislation

  • Supervise state-wide supply chain management of drugs and medicaments

  • Collect, collate, and publish health and related data & statistics.

  • Supervise (health) training institutions viz: the schools of Nursing & Midwifery, College of Health Science & Technology in the state.

  • Coordinate, standardize, register and supervise Public and Private Health Institutions.

  • Coordinate NGOs and international Development Agencies in the health sector

  • Health Promotion & Public Enlightenment on health issues.

  • Implement special programmes, namely Emergency Medical Services, HIV/AIDS, Roll Back Malaria.


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