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The department is the warehouse of all health plans, policies, instruments, and data of the Ministry on behalf of the State health sector. The department carries out its functions through the Planning, Research and Statistics Units.


The major functions of the department include:

1. Drawing up of development plan (Rolling, medium and perspective).

2. Monitoring and Evaluation.

3. Secretariat of the Ministry’s Tenders Board.

4. Health Research.

5. Follow up and implementation of National and State Health policies and programmes

6. State Council on Health.

7. Coordination of the State’s participation in the National Council on Health meeting.

8. Regular collection and processing of Health data and statistics and forwarding same to Federal Ministry

    of Health. Provision of State Health data on request to Government agencies and private bodies.

9. Production of the Ministry’s annual/progress reports.

10. Management of the Ministry’s records and information resources (Data Bank, Computer Services and


11. Coordination of Health and Developmental committees.


This unit is responsible for coordinating the development and review of strategic and operational health plans; and policy making and archiving, cataloguing of health activities and actions, monitoring/tracking of health actions of State and non-State actors against established frameworks, and other related activities  in and for the whole State.


The activities of the Health Research Unit comprise three major components:

  1. Motivation of individual Researchers who choose to address the priority needs of the health services delivery systems via research in Rivers State.

  2. Coordination of research activities within the Ministry and formulation of policies for effective coordination of research efforts and utilization of research findings for effective policy decisions.

  3. Conducting Operational, Organizational and Management Research so as to set modalities in these areas.



This division oversees health informations systems for the State health sector ensuring the production, analysis and dissemination of timely health information for users particularly decision makers at all levels of the health system.


The unit acts as the hub of information for all health financing activities, coordinates the development of a Healthcare Financing Policy and any specific health financing reform agenda.

In pursuance of the Rivers State Contributory Health Insurance Programme (RIVCHPP) whose law has now been passed by the Rivers State House of Assembly, the health financing unit was established in the Department of Planning, Research & Statistics, RSMoH as one of the institutional arrangements for the Health Insurance. The unit naturally evolved from the Free Medical Care Programme (FMCP) as a special form of Health care financing launched in May 2000 to cushion the effect of the high cost of medical care on Rivers’ citizens. 

General Functions

  • Track total health expenditure (THE) information (from public, private and donor sources), linking “sources and uses” of resources.

  • Track resources and health allocations

  • Drive domestic resource mobilization

  • Assess the level of release of appropriated budget in the health sector

  • Identify and use performance measures/ indicators to provide information on vitality of certain priority programmes in the health sector and its impact on health status.

  • Conduct operations research in healthcare financing

  • Provide technical support on health financing to other health entities (e.g. LGA PHC Dept)

Function as the secretariat of the Healthcare Financing Technical Working Group (TWG).


The department is in charge of Ministry’s library which is located on the 3rd floor, room 40. It is the reference library for researchers and other persons requiring information on Health. Copies of all Ministry of Health publications and documents received from the Federal Ministry of Health and International Health journals and publications are stored in the library.

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